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Teeth Cleaning

This case is an extreme case of tartar build up. Patient has never cleaned her teeth. Tartar causes periodontal disease, a disease that causes bleeding of your gums, bad breath, and destroys the bone of your jaw.

24 thoughts on “Teeth Cleaning”

  1. Do the gums refill themselves from where the tartar was? As it looks like
    the tartar buildup has pushed the gums away from the teeth? 

  2. At least there was progress, I bet that person is taking great care of
    their teeth now

  3. I’ve seen worse.Took me 6 hours to scale someone’s teeth.That was over
    several appointments

  4. If u look in the description area it bluntly says its a female that never
    cleaned her teeth…

  5. do you even think about taking away all the water so the patient is able to
    breath? this is what irritates me the most when at the dentist. You almost
    have to breath the water

  6. A video worth sharing to those who take dental health for granted. It’s
    something that shows us that daily dental habits should be done

  7. my dentist didnt use an ultrasonic scaler. he used the drill to clean the
    tartar from my teeth. im so angry.

  8. oh wow how can a person let their teeth get to that point. ewww can’t they
    feel that it is very uncomfortable 

  9. I did my cleaning today they put likea clear paint and antibiotics
    after,,,, I don’t want to ever eat… it feels so good.

  10. Stupid angle of filming… I was really looking forward to a satisfying
    removal and was disgusted by the camera angle… That is all. :l Dislike.

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