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9 thoughts on “Dental Clinic”

  1. Very Nice Case. Didn’t understand the dialogue but the results very
    impressive. Chris Winterholler DDS DICOI FAGD LVIF

  2. Good on you Dr, just want to give advice if you would listen, the degree of
    teeth whitening should be less to reflect the neutral teeth appearance,

  3. Very good job Dr Majd , it was great to work together, but it should be
    downloaded high resolution to people enjoy it .

  4. Teamwork is very important for this complex case. I congratulate Dr. Naji,
    the result set is awesome. Let me also congratulate your dental technician
    for his work as specialized. I love to see such a happy patient. Greetings
    from Colombia.

  5. Surgeory !!! In 1 month !!!
    If u send it to orthodontist you will get better results in such average
    case….most of the problem is dental not skeletal which could be solved
    easily by orthodontist….
    No need to the aggressive trimming, devitalizing of all teeth to crown them
    to get this result….
    At the end it is just full mouth crowning…
    WHAT THE BIG DEAL for all that drama !!!

  6. I almost cry with the reaction of the patient, to us dentist it is
    priceless. You did a good job good choice of treatment. i have been
    thinking of ortho.treatment, but in this kind of case its better to provide
    bridges,bleaching scaling and polishing. GOOD JOB!

  7. Unfortunately there’s been a lot of un ethical dentistry practiced by this
    clinic. I’m not a YouTube keyboard warrior, but as someone in this field, I
    really do feel sad for Fatima for what’s to come in the next 5 years once
    such an invasive procedure would fail.

    A quick creditional check on his whole staff should reveal that not a
    single doctor working with them has specialized to the position of a

    Liberty dental is, as fake as Dubai.

  8. Mabrouckkkk Mabrouckkk,I am in Brazil, I joined he missed Dubai and ended
    up watching your video, I was very moved and creepy at the same time,
    congratulations to him by God for good health and success at work, look of
    patient already said it all. miss Dubai.

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